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Tips for Caregivers

Use these tips as a way to learn more about caregiving.

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Solutions for Caregivers

Dedicated to helping family members and caregivers.
Find information, resources and answers to your common questions.

We are here to:

  • Communicate all the options and resources that are available to you.
  • Help your loved one get the right care for their current and changing health needs.
  • Help alleviate the emotional and financial costs associated with being a caregiver.

We can help. Access to this program is nationwide. You can receive services whether the person you are caring for is across town or across the country.

"Ms. Audrey, she was doing her job, but she just seemed like, 'I know you and I will take care of you.' She did above and beyond. I am so glad my path crossed with her path," Carole said. "She became like a personal friend. She was so understanding and so nice. I just can't give her enough praise and she did everything so thoroughly."

– Carole, Solutions for Caregivers participant

"I felt like I had people on 'Team dad' and on 'Team Pamela.' I could figure out the options that were best for dad and they provided a basis for me to make decisions."

– Pamela, Solutions for Caregivers participant

"Kris jumped right on my case. She spent time with me and helped me feel better about my situation. Kris identified caregiver resources in my area to help me with day-to-day living. It made me feel good that someone cares about me and is willing to help."

– Charlotte, Solutions for Caregivers participant

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We Care for Caregivers. Check out these nutritional resources for you and your loved one. Simple Recipes. Senior Nutrition Guide. 'Smart' Shopping.